What Your Preferred Way Of Achieving A ‘Brain Orgasm’ Says About You


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is the best thing that’s happened for people suffering from insomnia and anxiety. Although it’s not really well understood in the scientific community, what we know so far is that ASMR is characterized as this very specific pleasurable sensation in the head or scalp, in response to visual or auditory stimuli.

If you’re looking for something **sexual,** this is not the place. ASMR is a tingling feeling that stems from watching or listening to certain conditions such as haircuts, tapping on glass, or crinkling plastic. The sensation has a calming effect that many claim reduces stress levels and relieves abnormal sleeping patterns.

There is a large spectrum of varying methods through which people achieve these braingasms—the following 10 are just a sample of the different videos that can provoke ~tingling sensations~ in viewers. Your video preference also seems to say a lot about you.

1. Watching a Japanese man carefully put together miniature food.

If you could transport yourself to one place in the entire world right now, it would be the travel-sized product section at Target. You prefer Munchkins over full-sized donuts, you own a minimalist movie poster of “Jaws,” and you have Purell on your person at all times.

2. Listening to the rustling of book pages.

You would smell library books in the Amortentia love potion from Harry Potter. You prefer handwriting in notebooks rather than typing on a computer, you have a very strong opinion on Kindles, and you do not indulge in any form of social media (except, maybe, Tumblr).

3. Reaping the relaxation benefits of a haircut, without going to the salon.

You have a rule that only people you’ve known for 5+ years can play with your hair. You own scrunchies (unironically), hate blowdrying, and prefer brushes over combs.

4. Experiencing the intimacy of an ear cleaning.

You would rather someone read your journal than admit to them that you love cleaning your ears. Every candle you own is from Anthropologie, your bathroom is more decorated than your bedroom is, and you own 23 different oversized knit sweaters (that, honestly, all look the same).

5. The satisfying release of listening to your joints crack.

You are seriously annoyed when people tell you you can get arthritis from cracking your knuckles. You hate silences of any kind, you never wear gloves (no matter how cold it gets), and you exclusively watch inspirational sports movies.

6. Closing your eyes to the sounds of a thorough scalp massage.

You were the only person in your fifth grade class who looked forward to the nurse coming in to check for lice. Dandruff commercials make you squirm.

7. Guided meditation through whispered fantasy storytelling.

As a kid, you used to always make your parents read you the same book over and over and over again. Now as an adult, you read books 37 times. You get personally offended when someone admits they’ve never actually read Game of Thrones, you’re incredibly snobby about what book someone has on their bedside table, and you have the most embarrassing childhood home videos.

8. Observing the detailed application of a makeup tutorial.

It’s funny you love watching makeup tutorials, because you still have no idea what contouring is.

9. Following along with the precision of fitting a man’s suit.

Your mom used to yell at you all the time as a kid, because whenever she’d take you along to go shopping, you would absentmindedly touch everything. You love the feeling of chalk on your fingers, you know how to sew (**specifically you know how to sew on a button, and that’s about it), and you drink at least one Diet Coke a day.

10. Watching the methodical process of folding towels.

Your closet is a wasteland of unworn clothes; you really just recycle 2-3 different outfits. You have a facialist, your email has 4,811 unread messages, and you steal bathrobes from hotels.