Whatever You Do, Just Keep Going


Rush is such a foreign word to me. I am not one who prefers taking a short alternative course. I’d rather spend more time on longer routes than walk through a path briefly only to find myself missing what I could’ve seen along the protracted way. I appreciate sceneries. I observe enthusiastically. I believe nothing great is achieved without ever needing time and effort.

To wait is not to fixate yourself where you are at the moment and let seconds go by in absolute stillness. It is not just allowing the fruits to fall effortlessly at your hands. It is humbly accepting that every step, every blink, every movement around you is part of the journey you are in. Pause. Be in motion. Go after that long-thought-of idea and turn it into reality. But, don’t stride hastily because recollecting split second moments of an expedition is far more difficult than actually reaching the destination.

Delaying dreams by putting off simple tasks because idleness feels a lot more comfortable than motion is never a good idea. You still have to write that concept down so you won’t forget about it. You still have to plan to aim for that target. You still have to get your hands busy with the craft. You still have to sweat and cry it out if it means getting closer to what you want to achieve. Just don’t feel pressured. Believe that you will get there. Time is important and results matter, but that doesn’t mean you should jump to the future without considering the present and its treasures. The future holds the outcome and the present holds the life.

Learn to embrace the process of becoming. A fully blossomed flower doesn’t appear overnight. The beauty of its appearance has gone through constant sunlight, growing, watering and waiting. It did not force itself to become what it is meant to be. With not too much experience to share, I have been continually learning. Life has no rewind. Why would I want to live ‘fast forward’?

Brilliance requires patience, for the most valuable gems need to be in a continued progress of existence. So, give things time. Give yourself time. And, keep going…