When A Friend Breaks Your Heart, It’s The Most Painful


We’ve all gone through heartbreaks or have heard about them. But nobody told us how it feels when our friend leaves us.

It feels like everything you don’t ever want to feel. It makes you feel so vulnerable. Imagine thinking a glass breaking. Quick. Still feels like it all happened in slow motion.

Someone you trusted so much, leaves you just like that.

Someone who was there with you when you laughed so hard, tears came out of your eyes or the time when you laughed so hard, you accidentally snorted.

Or the times when you felt so depressed you didn’t wanted to talk to anyone but if they texted you still replied.

You told them everything that happened in your life. Your deepest secrets. Things that made you anxious. Songs that made you cry. Songs that made you dance, that you forgot you didn’t even dance that well. Movies that made you cry like a baby. Movies that inspired you.

And even after knowing so much about you, they leave.

Let me tell you, it’s something no one wants to experience. Nobody wants people they care about them to leave. But it still happens. And it sucks.

You can’t do anything but to let them go and move on.