When A Toxic Relationship Ends, You Learn The Only Person You Ever Needed Was Yourself


Love so pure, fogs with illusions that create the fine line between the false and true.

The gray film, dewiness of the air providing the falsified impression of perfection. He rises from what you believe to be in rescue of your darkness, you realize later down the road that sentiment confession of his wholesome intentions were meant for only the good of his own.

He makes you laugh, he makes you cry, he makes you feel full, to allow you to sense his emptiness inside. He tells you who you are, you cannot grasp the truth behind your name.
He makes you believe that you’re the only reason to blame.

You fight hard, you fight courageous, you are left with the scars of the battle left untouched, as he refuses to tell you that he never wanted to love.

You watch him leave, drag your feet as he claims he no longer wants to stay. It will take hours, sometimes even months, but I promise one day that you will find love. A love that is promising, a love that is true, a love that will only be meant for you.

Don’t be scared, stand up to the mirror, and tell yourself that you will fill the voids others left open, for you are the only one who can let you remain broken. Each day will get easier, I promise one day it will be clear. It is your own love that is all you needed to be here.