When Everything Feels Pointless, Keep Going


Keep going because tomorrow might be better. You won’t magically be happy. Your problems won’t magically disappear. But you might have a little more energy. You might have a little more hope. Day by day, things will start to change. You will start to change. Eventually, you’re going to reach a place where you feel comfortable. You’re going to discover the happiness you’ve been searching for this entire time. You just have to hold on for a little longer.

Keep going because you’ll be surprised by how much you’re capable of achieving. Even right now, you’ve done so much more than you give yourself credit for. Think back to all the little things you’ve accomplished in the past. Think of all the moments when you felt like giving up, when you felt like you couldn’t take it anymore, when you felt like you were done trying. You kept going anyway. And you’re here. You made it this far. You can make it even further.

Keep going because your feelings are only temporary. These emotions may be strong, but they are fleeting. Even though this sadness might feel like it’s going to last forever, this is only one stop along your journey. You are going to feel better eventually. You are going to be okay again. Right now, it might be hard to imagine ever feeling any differently, but things change. Emotions change. Experiences change.

Keep going because you have no idea what’s around the corner. You might think you know what’s coming, but really, you have no clue. You can’t predict who is going to walk into your life. You can’t guess what opportunities are going to await you in the near future. You need to stick around to see what happens because it could be something beautiful. Something better than you’ve ever dreamed.

Keep going because you have so much potential. You have so much ahead of you. And you have so much more fight left in you. Even if you feel weak right now, even if you feel vulnerable, even if you feel exhausted down to your core, you are still strong. You might be doubting yourself, but you should be proud of yourself. You wouldn’t have made it this far without being so brave. You’re a real fighter.

Keep going because there are so many people in this world who care about you. They might be the people you least expect. Coworkers who enjoy chatting with you. Friends who don’t keep in touch as often as they wish they could. Strangers on social media you’ve never met in real life. Even when you feel like you’re alone, you never are. There is love all around you, even if you can’t see it. 

Keep going because you owe it to yourself. At the moment, you might not love yourself as much as you should, but deep down, you know how amazing you are. You deserve peace. Happiness. Excitement. Joy. You need to keep trying, keep moving forward, keep going because you’re a great person. And you deserve great things.