When Everything Goes Wrong All At Once


They say when it rains, it pours. In life, it seems like once you feel you’ve successfully begun to balance and manage all aspects of your life, something goes awry. Then something else. Oh, and another thing. Suddenly, your problems are multiplying by the second, or so it seems.

Life is an endless cycle of ups and downs, but once you hit rock bottom it’s hard to remember how it felt when things were good, or even just fine.

Maybe your job hasn’t turned out to be the career you imagined, and suddenly you’re thrown off course. You always knew you wanted to do this one thing, maybe your entire life, and now, you’re not so sure. Or, the guy who was perfect for so long finally starts to show you a side you hadn’t seen before. A side you wish you hadn’t seen. Maybe love just fades away-it does that sometimes and makes you wonder if it was ever really there in the first place. Perhaps things are falling apart with your family. A health scare has arisen, your parents are getting a divorce, or a sibling is struggling, while you side on the sidelines trying to figure out how to simultaneously balance your life struggles with those going on in your loved ones’ lives.

Trust me, I’ve been through all of this. Numerous times in fact. But it doesn’t make the stress any less bearable, no matter how often an issue is encountered. It’s easy to give up and fall into a rut of negativity and woe is me. Don’t take the easy road. Everyone takes the easy road, which is why the majority of people sit around complaining about everything going wrong in their lives every day. And they wonder why it doesn’t get better.

The thing is, you’re in charge of this life. You determine how the story plays out. Outside factors may come in to shake you up a bit, but I encourage you to remember that every hardship you’ve ever gone through has been conquered, so why should this time be any different?

When everything is falling apart around you, take that as a sign you’re ready for the next chapter. You’re being forced to demolish aspects of your life so you can continue to build an even better one.

It’s all about attitude. Negativity attracts even more negativity, so change your mindset. It’s always important to practice gratitude, but perhaps even more so when things are downright unbearable in life. Plus, once you hit rock bottom there’s only one direction you can go, so give it some time, you’ll be moving on up before you know it.