When He Comes Crawling Back After He Already Left


What if one day the love of your life returns? Asking you for a second chance, asking you for you to be back in his arms again, asking you to love him once more?

Would you let him? Would you give him another chance? Would you just forget all the pain he brought you? Would you just forget all those nights that all you did was shed your tears while watching heartbreaking movies because he left you without even realizing how hurt you would be? Would you just let him enter your life once more believing in his promise that he would not dare to hurt you anymore?

Of course, you would say to yourself and have that “what if” moment if maybe this time it’s going to be better, if maybe this time it’s going to be different, if maybe this time he really wouldn’t hurt you anymore. And then the chances of accepting him again get higher and higher as you think of these “what if moments” over and over again. That’s how a girl thinks during situations like these.

But damn girl, you should be more realistic than that. If he made you cry, he can still do that. If he lied to you, he can still do that. If he broke your heart, hell yeah, he can still do that. No, you do not have any assurance that he wouldn’t do that to you again. Everything that you’re thinking about is purely because you really haven’t moved on completely from him. All your decisions are coming from your heart.

If you have lived 18 years of your life without him, then you could probably live another 18 more. Your life shouldn’t stop just because of the confusions that he has brought you and most importantly, your life shouldn’t stop just because of one person.

As clich√© as it may sound, there are a lot more fish in the sea. And then you’ll say to yourself, but he’s the only fish that I want. But do you really want to stick with the rotten fish? The one that will poison your life if you still continue choosing him?

Keep moving forward. Someday, someone will come into your life and make you realize why it never really worked out with anyone else. Someday, someone will treat you how a princess should really be treated. So, never settle with anything less. You’re better than that. Remember, you’re worth more than what you actually think of yourself. You’re priceless.