When He Saw Her Making Her Way Down The Aisle


This is the day we’ve been waiting for, you wearing a white long dress with a beautiful long veil and me wearing a black tuxedo with a white bow tie. Standing here in the church where we first met. Being watched by a crowd full of familiar faces.

As the slow ballad music starts and the double doors of this beautiful church open up, everything goes in slow motion like in a movie. Everything is perfect—the rose petals in the aisle, the music, the flowers, the altar, and of course you in that beautiful white dress. As I stare at you, my eyes feel like they’re on fire, and I start to tear up. Looking at your unforgettable, euphoric smile, I am reminded of everything I love and adore about you and every moment we spent together. I’m taken back to that very first day I laid my eyes on you to that very moment I first kissed your soft lips. I remember that day we swore that we would love each other no matter what happens. I remember every promise we sealed with kisses and everything we swore we will accomplish together. It feels like I’m given a chance to go back in time to remember everything we’ve been through one more time.

I whisper, “You grow more beautiful each day” as I watch you slowly walk your way down the aisle in the arms of the first man you ever loved and the very first man who ever loved and protected you. I think to myself that I can’t believe we are here as I try to wake myself up from this beautiful dream, but this isn’t a dream. We are here; we exist in our most desired dream that is about to become our reality.

I watch you walk down this aisle filled with rose petals. As you reach the end, you slowly take your hands off your father’s arms. You look him in the eye, thank him for everything he has done for you. Then you kiss him on his cheeks. Your hazelnut brown eyes start to fill up with tears that roll down your rosy cheeks, but your lips can’t stop smiling.

I can’t believe we are here at this very moment.

The moment we’ve been waiting for as he reaches out for your hand, and here I am watching you from the crowd. Here I am being reminded of what we could have been. If only I stayed for a little while, I think to myself, then maybe I could’ve been the one at the end of that aisle taking your hand. Saying our vows and swearing to the most powerful forces that I would love and cherish you for the rest of my life.

I am here in my tuxedo with a white bow tie, waiting for you to turn your back and look me in the eye and whisper, “Take me away.” On the other hand, I am here in the crowd watching you wear that beautiful smile on your face. I am here watching you say the vows you wrote for me that I accidentally found on your study table one night, to another man. I am here watching you living our most desired dream, but without me in the picture.

You slowly turn your head, as if you are looking for something or someone. Then your hazelnut brown eyes meet mine. You smile, wipe the tears from your face, and whisper, Thank you. I smile back, nod my head, then slowly walk away.

I want you to know that I am ecstatic that you have found the right person that will never hurt you as I did. I want you to know that I am sorry that we are living our happily ever afters separately. I won’t stop loving you, but now my heart is at ease knowing you are being loved like you deserve to be loved.