When I Ask You To Marry Me I’m Asking For Forever


I gave you my word. I stood nervously in front of our families and our friends and promised to love you “till death do us part.” I meant every word in my vow and intend to honour my commitment.

Marriage is an unpredictable journey. Together, we’re going to experience the best moments in our lives but, sure enough, we’re also going to hit rock bottom. But no matter what comes our way, we’re not going to give up on us.

We’re not even going to entertain the thought of a break-up; we’re not even going to joke like that.

So, if I did something wrong, feel free to give me the silent treatment for like an hour – two hours the most. But just know that by the end of the day, we’re going to sit down like adults and you’re going to tell me what I did wrong. And I’m going to make an effort to improve.

If we have a big argument, I know you’re going to meet up with your girls and give them your side of the story. And that’s fine. You can go right ahead and solicit all the biased advice you need. You can also eat ice cream, stuff your face with chocolate, reach for Nutella … do whatever your heart desires, but when you’re done, we’re going to discuss the issue and come to some kind of compromise.

Look – I don’t care how upset we are with each other, I’m not going to bed upset with you. That’s going to be our rule. Even after the most heated argument, I’m going to kiss you goodnight. That’s how we will fall asleep every night, no exceptions.

If I’ve been neglecting you, I need to know. If we don’t go out enough, I need to know. If I’ve become complacent, I need to know. Babes – please remember that I don’t read minds.

We’re in this thing for the long haul and we’re going to fight through all our problems – giving up is not an option. I promised to stay with you “till death do us part” and meant it.

You’re the girl I want to grow old with. I want you to be right by my side when I choose my first walking stick. I want to sip coffee with you on a garden porch or whatever it is that old people do. I want to go with you to our granddaughter’s boring concert.

You’re the girl I want spend the rest of my life with and that’s why I went down on one knee, took out the ring, looked into your eyes anxiously, and asked “Will you marry me?” I’m 100% committed to you.

I’ll be there to change your diapers when you’re not able to do so. I’ll be there to do all the little things for you when you probably don’t remember who I am. I’ll be there to hold your hand when you’re lying on the hospital bed, gasping for breath, hanging on for dear life.

That’s the way we are going to end – not through a divorce.

“Till death do us part.”