When I Realized I Was Never Going To Live In A Fairytale


Belle has me believing
that I can change him
with my love.
Snow White has me believing
that he will save me from
bad things with one kiss.
Cinderella has me believing
that he will come looking for
me when I drop a shoe.
Ariel has me believing that
he will accept me for who
I am no matter what.
It’s just that simple.
I have grown up thinking that one day,
Prince Charming will show up
in shining armor and save me.
And we would live happily ever after.
My heart being broken
is not part of the deal.
My realization is that,
this knight in shining armor
is no more than a boy wrapped up
in aluminum foil of lies and deceit,
was never part of the fairy tale.
I hope and pray that eventually
he will get it right.
I stay naive because I grew up
thinking that, that happy ending
is within my grasp.
We place our fairy tale dreams on real boys,
who can’t even save themselves.