When I Realized We Both Deserve A Better Love


We met, we fell for each other, we spoiled each other, we loved each others families, we brought out the best in each other… we fought, we made each other miserable, we brought out the worst in each other.

We talked, after fighting… I cried, you kept quiet. We agreed that this wasn’t working. We agreed it shouldn’t have to be this hard. We mutually decided we needed some time.

I’m the one who decided that time wasn’t enough, I’m the one who decided that it was best for both of us to move on, yet I’m the only one who seems to be in pieces here…

I have nothing but respect when I talk about you, I have nothing to say but that we just simply were too different, but here’s the thing, because you agreed with me on everything, even though you didn’t agree with where we should go from there,

you don’t get to play the victim here

You don’t get to pretend that this came out of nowhere. You don’t get to act like you were perfect and I made you miserable, you don’t get to talk about me like I’m someone you will never respect anymore.

What I did was done with intentions to keep the respect and the love that we had for each other. What I did was done to salvage some sort of way we could stay in each other’s lives for longer than if we continued on the way things were going.

You weren’t the victim just because I stopped this ride before it went straight into the ground. You weren’t the victim just because I was strong enough to stand up and realize we both deserved better. but on a side note, I miss you, and I don’t even know why anymore.