When In Doubt, Be Impulsive


As an impulsive person myself, I know that we often get a bad rap. Any psychology textbook or any person you talk to will usually associate being impulsive with negative things. However, I don’t think there is enough light shed on the benefits of being impulsive. So if you are one of the impulsive soles out there, keep doing as you do because these most likely apply to you:

1. Impulsive people follow their hearts

You won’t find an impulsive person in a relationship with someone they don’t like. Impulsive people date based on a feeling of connection not based on logical things like money, power, security and status.

2. Impulsive people are the most fun

An impulsive person will always be down to go on a fun adventure with you. While they still do well at work and school, they don’t let these things get in the way of a good time. Impulsive people are the ones who will buy the whole bar a round or the ones who will go skydiving on a Monday morning, and what’s not fun about that?

3. Impulsive people are reliable

Impulsive people aren’t the ones who post on Facebook for six months about how they want to visit you and catch up, impulsive people visited you five months ago. These people will drop what they are doing to be there for you. They are not the type to talk about helping you start a new project or building a new bedroom—they are the type to actually do it. Impulsive people are also there when you need them. When you call them randomly, they not only understand your randomness but they think nothing of it and are there for you anyways.

4. Impulsive people are efficient

Impulsive people are efficient because they have to be. Since impulsive people are always onto the next project or the next activity, they don’t have time to drag out the previous one. Impulsive people will still do good quality work, but it will take them less time to do it. This is because they are doers; they spend less time thinking about doing things, and more time actually accomplishing goals.

5. Impulsive people have the best stories

Those friends that always have the best stories are nine times out of ten your impulsive friends. These are the ones whose Thursday night story could top your vacation stories from Hawaii. This is because impulsive people rarely turn down opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences. They don’t say no to things that look risky and they don’t worry about being judged. These people will have all kinds of stories; even going to the grocery store can be an experience for an impulsive individual.

6. Impulsive people know how to graciously make mistakes and apologize

Impulsive people make mistakes a lot. When you do things without really thinking and planning, mistakes are inevitable. But because of the high likelihood for blunders, impulsive people know how to handle mistakes. They don’t go into denial, they don’t blame others and they don’t get dramatic. Impulsive people accept their mistakes, apologize, fix them and move on.

7. Impulsive people are the happiest people

Last but not least, the impulsive folks are the most happy. This is because they act on what they want and make decisions based on how they feel. Impulsive people are in touch with their emotions, wants and needs; they shut out the voice telling them that things are supposed to be done a certain way. Because of this, they are content with their decisions and with their life and happiness exudes from them.