When It Comes To You, My Love Is Overflowing


When it comes to you, I love with everything I have. There is no other option. It is either you or I want no one else.

It is effortless and natural that to go against it feels like I am going against my most basic instinct. As if I am betraying my heart and soul.

When it comes to loving you, I don’t have to try.

The affection I have for you is bustling out of my chest. I can barely contain it and I longed to scream at the top of my lungs so that the sun, the moon, and the stars can bear witness.

The desire I have for you is overflowing my veins. Oh how I wish to trace my fingertips across your face and be taken away by your breathtaking beauty- your sharp jaw, the firm lines behind your eyes, and the way you light up my day with your half reluctant shy smile.

The love I have for you is build by the strongest foundation. Like the mountain unshakable and unmovable even by the most turbulent weather. Like the river endless and forever generous despite us continuing taking and never giving back. Like the stars that will never dim and shine in the darkest of night.

The words I have for you will never run dry. I am like a starving artist eager to paint you, as through I can put your rawness to ink. I am like a wandering poet that finally finds my most favorite subject.

Inspiration grips me tight and I seek for desperate release as I breathe life into words and attempt to make sense of the whirl of emotions you put me through.

When it comes to you, I am head over heels.

My mouth curves into a wide grin, my eyes light up excitedly, and you make my tired heart sing with hope. I am absolutely completely utterly smitten with you. But this is real life. I’m aware of my own glaring flaws all too well. Even if I can overlook all of yours, you may not be as forgiving. Or even if you are, life is not as kind to me.

So I will be grateful for the moments we shared and wish I deserve more. I will hope for another moment with you and wish we have an eternity more.