When It Hits You Like A Truck


Maybe it’s a bad relationship. Maybe it’s just the path you’re taking. Maybe it’s a toxic friendship you should have quit a long time ago. But one day, you’re cooking yourself dinner, maybe sipping a glass of wine, or just reading something on the internet and it hits you like a truck.

The amount you have been putting up with. The amount you have been putting your mind and body through. The amount of sheer will power it is taking you to stay in the place you are right now and how bad it really is for you. Believe me, I have been there more than once, felt my blood curdle like I am in my very own version of a Hitchcock movie and the killer is my own decisions and choices.

Where do you run to when you realise the thing or the person you have been dedicating so much time to, who has become integral to your life is actually the worst thing that you have been doing to yourself? The answer is nowhere. Right now, you have to face the facts and the facts are hard and cold and horribly unforgiving.

You need to let them go. Sooner rather than later because you have spent enough time worrying and caring about them and what they think. It’s time to have the difficult conversation, the confrontation, but before you do that, you need to take a deep breath and think of what you’re going to say. Also firm yourself to your decision and stand your ground because chances are the other person is not going to want to let you go. They may fight you.

But you stay firm in your decision because the only way you will start to live the life you deserve is by confronting the poison in your life and cutting it out permanently. So when the realisation hits you like a truck, do the smart thing. Take a deep breath, meditate on what you are going to do next and stick to your decision. You can do this without them. You can do anything without anyone because you already have everything you need to survive.