When Life Gets Hard, Show Up For Yourself


We spend so much of our time thinking, feeling, and hoping for things. In the midst of all the noise in our life, a gentle whisper keeps knocking on our doors, reminding us of our core desires, ones we often neglect. Yet, the more it gets disregarded, this voice grows tired, and we become bitter when we choose to turn our backs on ourselves. Our hearts start to slowly shut down when we walk through a road that is so foreign to us. The whole light of our being slowly becomes dimmer. And it happens slowly until one day, you don’t recognize yourself anymore; until one day, you forget what you wanted in the first place.

Your life will change when you begin to trust yourself. The beauties of life will unravel themselves to you when you start to confidently claim them. You can only start trusting yourself by showing up for yourself just like you show up for your friend. When you say something is important to you, do you give it the time and attention it needs? When you want something that is still not within your reach, do you start taking action or do you just sit there and feel sorry for yourself without even trying to reach it? When you say you’re going to do something, do you live up to your words or watch your words transform into thin air?

Take action. Start somewhere. If you suck at first, do not let it dishearten you. If you let yourself down, try again the second day. Trusting yourself is a process, and it might be difficult and you might retreat to living in your head, but there is one thing I know. No one who has ever chosen to invest in themselves, in their dreams, no one who stood by themselves ever became less of a person because of it. When you begin a journey of giving yourself everything you ever wanted, including your full support to get there, 50% of the work is done. You wake up knowing you are your friend. You wake up and you know you are not your own obstacle anymore, and suddenly the world feels light and you’re ready to jump in and make the most out of it.

It never has to just be a figment of your imagination. Listen to the gentle reminders that your heart whispers. Show up. Do your part.