When Love Comes, This Is What It Will Look Like


When love comes, it knocks on your door gently. It allows you to know it is finally here, and when you open that door, it makes you feel safe.

Love doesn’t want you to search. Love comes to you when it feels it’s right for you to meet it.

Love explains why it took long and why things didn’t work with those pretenders that knocked on your door before.

Love teaches you new things about life you didn’t know about and takes you to beautiful places.

Love kisses you softly and lays next to you when you feel cold.

Love is happy to have met you and is excited to see you, ecstatic to hold your hand.

But sometimes love argues and feels angry at your reasoning.

Sometimes love doesn’t sleep close to you, it leaves the room and asks for space.

Sometimes love cries and love aches.

Love is also patient and thoughtful, love is smart, and love apologizes.

Love forgives and holds you close in the darkest of days, because nobody will ever understand it the way you do.

Love communicates clearly and gives you a chance to do it, too.

Love doesn’t give up when things get rough, it fights for you.

Love is honest. It is cheerful and bright.

Love gives you wonderful experiences.

Love is heaven on earth, and you get to feel it.

Love let’s you caress every part of it, even when it doesn’t feel happy with itself, because it trusts you.

Love cares and love nurtures.

Love helps you grow into the person you should be and is always proud of your accomplishments.

Love protects you and what you have.

Love shows the world who you are and holds your hand proudly.

Love is kind and spreads that kindness to those around it without asking for anything in return.

Love stays, and it makes sure you remember the power of that feeling.

Love doesn’t doubt, and love chooses you and keeps doing it. Even when there are others who search for it, love returns to you.

Love never gives up.

When love awakens your soul and plants a fire inside your heart.

Love is real, love is right.