When Love Falls Apart


Among all many failures in life, you thought that love is the only good thing around, but, oops, yea! Even love, had failed you, and breaks you apart. And as it fails, you feel like you will never ever gonna cope up again, that it’s already the end of the line right there. “NO MORE LOVE FOR YOU EVER AGAIN”, and you have told yourself ‘that’ for hundreds of times now. You might have been feeling hopeless, miserable and stupid, for most of the time.

You might have cried a lot, like, a lot…a lot…like you don’t know when to stop anymore. You’d look yourself up in the mirror, and you pretend it’s okay; you’ve been making yourself believe that everything’s all right, and you’re good just as you are.

You became even more desperate for somebody else’s company, but you knew, you’d never want that for long. You’ve been laughing around with people, but you never felt genuinely happy. It feels like having a long distance relationship with happiness for a very long time.

But darling, let me tell you, one day you will wake up, and realize that your life is still going, that you really still have a life to live on.

You will wake up, and you’d feel differently…that you are finally, and genuinely…true to yourself…kind of ‘happy’. You will look yourself up in the mirror, and catch yourself smiling, and you will smile more, thinking that you are not pretending anymore. You will look again in the mirror, and feel disgusted… disgusted about yourself, for being this horrible-looking person you had become. Relax, because by that time, the sun will shine brighter on you. And you will just have to welcome the new day coming.

It might be the start of many good mornings for you, but remember, things will not always be on your favor, expect gloomy days for some times, but still, just take it easy. Have fun, do something silly and worthwhile. It is your best chance to live a good life; to seek for new adventures. And this time, just take time slowly; you might go for a walk; find a new place to eat; savor your new cup of coffee each day; start a new hobby; and set a new mantra in life.

Enjoy small chats with your friends; refresh you social media accounts; shop all day long if you want.

Treat yourself better now, but don’t go rushing to find new love, but give yourself all the love that you deserve instead. Find happiness within yourself, and in all the little things in life, and just let ‘love’ just come along the way.

If you are still hurting now, it’s okay, remember that time heals everything, as soon as you know, you will be as fine as you were before. As you see, heartbreak isn’t the end of everything; it is actually the beginning of a new life for you, to find what you really deserve. Heartbreak opens the door for chances to be better; to discover your worth; and to become better person than you ever were.

It will also open another space for mistakes, failures and another heartbreak, and in that case, you now knew for yourself, you could and you can always stand up, and start a new life all over again. Who knows? maybe the right love that you want might come to you in a most strange and unexpected moment.