When Submitting To A Powerful Man Is The Only Way To Escape Your Crazy Ex-Husband


Nickolai caught hold of Ariana’s shoulders and pushed her back up against the door. Fiercely, he captured her lips and face in his hands, probing his tongue deep to penetrate her mouth as she had been caught off guard.

At first, Ariana felt her body resist, but there was such power and warmth in his kiss, her defiant will buckled. When his arms swept around her and drew her close against him she melted, feeling secure in his hold, and began to respond fervently to his kiss. No man had held her with such tenderness. The tears she had been fighting to hold back began to lightly spill onto her cheeks. It only encouraged him to hold her tighter. He broke from her lips for a moment to speak and Ariana heard herself panting to catch her breath.

Nickolai put his thumb on her moist pink bottom lip and caressed it, studying it closely.

“Don’t doubt me. Trust me, little one. I am a dominant man. I expect to be obeyed by my wife without question but I will never hurt or abuse you. You will always have my love and respect. As you vow to honor and obey me in our marriage, I will worship and protect you with my life. Take this chance and allow me to give you the safety and love you undoubtedly crave. I will rouse that passion I see in your eyes and make you live to be pleasured in my bed.”

“I am a dominant man. I expect to be obeyed by my wife without question but I will never hurt or abuse you. You will always have my love and respect.”

The Russian kissed her again and could not seem to stop.

“Before you walked in to this room, I knew you were right for me. It does not matter that we had never met. I had only seen your photograph but I now know I was right. I know everything about you from your violent ex husband who stalks you down to the day your next period is due. Your sister has revealed everything to me, the rest I’ve researched myself. I always trust my gut instinct, it has never let me down yet,” he smiled against her lips. “Take a chance. I promise I won’t let you down.”

Ariana listened to her heart thudding out her answer. The man was indeed dominant, powerful, and made no apology for it. He said what he wanted and expected to receive it without question. Normally, a man like Nickolai would have had her running, but there was something intoxicating about him. She envisioned their marriage as he’d propositioned it and the authority he would wield over her and all she could feel was security rather than fear. No more pressure to protect herself and others from her crazy ex-husband. Nickolai would be in charge and she could simply be herself for a while. If submission was what he required, then maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to give it to him in exchange for all that he promised in return.

“Yes,” she breathed against his lips. “Yes, I accept your proposal.”

“Good girl. You have made a wise choice, little one. Now let’s close this deal and get you out of those clothes.”

Ariana was being carried away on a wave of intoxicating pleasure. She gasped in delight when Nickolai slipped his fingers up the sexy black pencil skirt of her business suit and smoothed his palm over her bottom, sheathed by her thin cotton panties. His fingers dipped quickly between them and she found herself making no protest. She heard Nickolai groan with pleasure when he found her already wet. He trailed his fingers in her juice up and down the length of her vagina before circling her entrance before inserting his middle finger gently up inside her body, taking time to pulse it in and out forcing Ariana to catch her breath. The Russian pinched the small jewel bud between her drenched lips to produce another flush of wetness and removed his hand to pull at her panties.

“She gasped in delight when Nickolai slipped his fingers up the sexy black pencil skirt of her business suit and smoothed his palm over her bottom, sheathed by her thin cotton panties.”

“I want these off,” he said huskily, pulling harder while he hungrily kissed the side of her neck.

Ariana felt his fist gather up the material and then give it a sharp tug. The flimsy thong came away easily in his hands. Ariana gave a helpless cry of pleasure when she heard them rip and saw him move the remnants out from under her to toss them across the room straight in to a waste paper bin.

Nickolai bent to lock the door beside her and undid the zip on her skirt. It fell to the floor around her ankles. Before she could lament it’s loss and protection, Nickolai was removing her jacket and already undoing the buttons on her white short sleeved summer blouse. The only things he allowed her to keep on were her high-heeled black sandals.

All the time he kept sucking and caressing the nape of her neck with his lips. Her blouse fell to the floor, landing on top of her skirt. Feverishly, the Russian pulled down the straps on her bra and undid the catch with expert ease. It too followed the path of her other clothes leaving her completely naked and at the Russian’s mercy. The only attire he allowed her to keep on were her strappy high heeled black sandals.

Nickolai held her firmly, lifting her legs up around his waist. Ariana felt her passion rise. The brush of his sheathed cock against her wet pussy was enough to drive her over the edge as she was pressed against it. It had been a long while since she’d made love and this chance encounter with Nickolai threatened to make her explode quickly.

She wrapped her legs around him and held on for support as he carried her lovingly across the room, his arms braced around her back to support her body. Ariana wound her arms around his neck and held on like a child as he carried her to the large black leather sofa at the other end of the room and set her down onto her feet in front of it.

She bit her lip as he paused to study her naked form, curving his hand around one full breast whilst his other stroked possessively at her hip. Ariana blushed and could not meet his eyes but he lifted her chin and made her look at him.

“You have a beautiful body, Ariana. Now kneel in front of me, little one.”

A small voice inside her head told her to protest. She wouldn’t kneel before any man. But the wetness between her thighs at his tone of command told her otherwise and she found herself obeying him without question.

Carefully, watching him intently, Ariana lowered herself onto her knees until she was kneeling at his feet, her hands resting on her thighs. He towered above her naked form in his suit and tie making her feel small and helpless yet strong and surprisingly aroused at the same time. She lowered her eyes as though waiting for his permission to look upon him. He rested his hand on top of her head and stroked it.

“He towered above her naked form in his suit and tie making her feel small and helpless yet strong and surprisingly aroused at the same time. “

Nickolai bent and tucked his fingers underneath her chin again, slightly raising it.

“Simply beautiful. You are a natural submissive, Ariana. You will make a wonderful wife for me. I cannot wait to bind you and test your limits but we do not have time. Turn and face the sofa on all fours and rest your head on top of it. Press your shoulders into the end of the seat and push your bottom out at me. Place your hands behind your back and wait for me to touch you.”

The authority in his voice was stark and the compulsion to obey him was overwhelming despite the annoying voice in the back of her head telling her she was insane to be naked in this man’s office waiting patiently to be fucked. The very idea of being told what to do was devastatingly appealing. When Andrew had done that he had made her afraid, struck her face if she disobeyed. This was very different. There was an element of play, of building arousal. The act of obedience was part of the sexual game and a part of her yearned to play it well. Nickolai made it feel safe to let herself go and sink into the depths of submission. Something she had never considered herself capable of being able to oblige or want especially with the deep anger she felt towards men after Andrew and the distrust she endured around them. Why was Nickolai Antonovich so different? What was he doing to her?

She heard his feet pad across the polished wood surface towards her body and then two cool large male palms rest on her hips. Ariana closed her eyes, reveling in the security of the hold, feeling the tip of his red tie caress just inside the top of the crease between her bare buttocks.

“I want to inspect you. I will be doing this every day when we are married, little one. I will always check and care for what belongs to me,” he informed her in a dark possessive tone.

Ariana felt the gentle brush of his lips across her bottom.

“And from this moment, Ariana, you have become mine. You belong to me until the day you die, perhaps beyond and for an eternity.” There was a smile in his voice as he finished his declaration of ownership. “You are mine to protect, cherish, desire, pleasure and come to love. No man will be allowed to take you from me or hurt you. With me you will always find understanding, compassion, respect, and sanctuary. Do you understand me, Ariana?”


“From now on I will be known as your Protector, Master and Sir.”

It felt remarkably easy for “Yes, Sir,” to roll from her tongue.

“Good, girl, Katyonak.”

“A throbbing ache developed between her thighs and she began to crave his touch there.”

She wanted to ask him what the Russian name was about but the time did not seem right. And the more he continued to take charge of her body and control her will and life, the more aroused she was becoming. A throbbing ache developed between her thighs and she began to crave his touch there. It was outweighing her nervousness at the thought of being so intimately examined by her future husband.

Nickolai was kneeling behind her. She let out a small gasp when he opened the crease between her buttocks and peered in to the small puckered hole in to her anus. Thankfully, he spared her the indignity of inspecting it with his fingers.

“You look very tight in there, little one. I am guessing that you have never been taken anally before?”

It was on the tip of her tongue to say, “I thought you knew everything about me. You know when I am to have my next period.”

But she refrained, enthralled and appalled by the pleasure she found in him—that he knew such intimate details about her. He’d clearly meant it when he’d told her so seriously that there was nothing she would be able to keep from him. That suited her well, though. She wanted a life without secrets, without disappointment, and without fear. She wanted to find that warmth and safety she sensed she could possess in Nickolai’s dominance and control. It was worth a try, she decided.

Excerpted From His.