When The Clock Strikes Midnight I Just Hope I’m With You


In my opinion, New Years is entirely overrated. I’d rather stay in PJs with the one person I care about and watch movies then stand in a crowded bar counting down from ten. But that’s just me.

More than the novelty of dressing up in sparkly dresses, paying more than usual to get into the same bar you’re at every week, there’s something about the clock striking midnight.

It’s like a reset on everything that has happened in the past year. You reflect on it all and everything you’ve learned. You hope parts of the New Year will be better than the past. You wonder about the things you’ll overcome and the struggles you don’t know of yet. You think about the people you met recently, the ones, maybe standing by you right then and there. You wonder who you will meet in the next 365 days and will they change your life?

But more than anything I think a lot of people wonder about love. Will their relationship make it through another year? How many more New Years will you get with the love of your life? You wonder if you’ll find a relationship or maybe fall in love if you haven’t already.

But more than those thoughts there is a magic to midnight on New Years and the only person you want to kiss and be with.

Because it’s not about going to the best party or dressing so well, all eyes are on you. It’s about who is standing next to you and who you want to be with.

Because as much as people may love and hate the night, what is really great about it, is your true intentions are revealed. Whether you’re with the person or not. Maybe you’re simply staring at your phone hoping to hear from them, everyone has that one person.

Everyone has that one person they’re happy to be standing next to.

And maybe it’s your best friends and you look at them because you don’t know if you would have gotten through the past year without them. You think about it all and how they were your rock during times of struggle.

But everyone has someone consuming their heart. And you’ll either be with them or not. You’ll either hear from them or not.

Regardless of the outcome of who you’re standing next to, a New Year does begin and you get a fresh start if you want it. And you get to choose who gets your time and attention. You get to choose if you’ll keep investing your heart into someone while evaluating if they deserve it.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope midnight comes and that person is with you or reaches out to you.

But if by chance you don’t get that kiss you wanted, you don’t hear from the person you care about, remember it’s a New Year and you get 365 new days to find someone who deserves you.