When The Love Is Right But The Timing Is Mistaken


No matter how bad things got, time didn’t stop. No matter how dark things became, time moved forward. No matter how bad I hurt myself, time only watched, long enough to keep moving on. Just like you did.

It’s never easy dealing with the past. There are things you’ll never have, people that won’t change, and mistakes you have to live with. You can only take so much before you start to question everything you ever did.

There was no real journey in place for me, just a kid with a dream was all. Nothing flashy, nothing glamorous. I was a random soul looking for a purpose. When I finally found what felt like I had been completed in finding you, it was just that; felt and it did not stay…for you at least. I grew up only learning to help others which is why I’m this way. Someone else’s joy whether friend or stranger is all I needed to feel like I had a purpose. Until I met the one soul who changed my outlook on everything.

They knew what to say and what to do to make me feel different even if was only a few words or gestures. They knew me better than myself because they saw something that intrigued them. They saw themselves but in a different light. A light that showed them that things get better with time.

They saw my scars, my flaws, my burdens, and my pain. They saw my experiences and saw their own to an extent. But before long, like time, it just came to pass. The timing was off and just like that, days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and soon into years. I start to wonder now what you look like or sound like. From hearing their voice every day and every night to listening to the silence of an air fan, you left more than just memories for me, you left a hole. A hole that is so unique in your shape that will remain empty forever.

The love was right but the timing was a mistake. Right love, wrong time. They say with time it repeats itself the same way, but I only hope it repeats itself with a different outcome for us.