When The Storms Become Too Much, God Will Help Us Weather Them


There are times when God’s presence is as apparent as the sun on the horizon. Things are calm and serene. I feel secure and confident in Him as I float through the calm waters of the day with ease.

But looming like ominous rain clouds, the storms of this life seem to always find us. Sometimes we can see them coming. Sometimes they hit us hard and out of nowhere. Storms stir up the swirling anxiety and torrential downpour of fear in our hearts.

Sometimes we find ourselves in massive, scary seasons of change. We experience very real fear as our clear skies become covered with uncertainty. We see the grey clouds coming and see the feelings they stir up within us.

I know that I often have two reactions to stormy circumstances: fear and self-reliance. Ultimately, both of these relate back to a lack of trust in the Captain of my Soul.

When I cower in fear of the storm, I feel abandoned and alone. I see the darkness of my present circumstance. But I don’t seek God and I don’t call out to Him.

This leads me to rely on my own solutions. I don’t know about you, but I am no captain. I am not qualified to steer the ship of my life. My boat would change course with every change in emotion. It would be tossed about with every hardship. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. I want to be the one in charge, and I often make an even bigger mess of my circumstances this way.

The truth is, I can’t navigate the storms alone. I need a Captain. And it is not me. It’s God.

We are all navigating our own storms in this current climate, but we don’t have to do it by ourselves. He’s with us. He hears our cries and jumps into action. There is no storm too big or too small for Him to care about. He helps us calm the storms within us and weather the storms around us.

“I am not in control.”

Both fear and faith can whisper these words to us. But, faith will remind us to trust in HIS control instead of our own. And, when we trust in Him, we can throw our fears overboard. He saves shipwrecked souls. He stills stormy seas.

Say to yourself, “He is with me. My anxieties are stilled. My chaos is calmed. I have nothing to fear.”

When He is in control, we can weather the rough waters of this life with courage and with confidence that He will always lead us through.

We can trust in his unwavering faithfulness in the still waters and in the stormy seas of this life.

Let’s lean into that trust. And let’s keep our eyes on the horizon. We will get through these storms together, and we will make it to the shore together.