When They Leave, Let Them Go


They leave without a word. Or after a lot of words. They leave after a thousand promises. They leave without a warning. They leave while telling they’ll never leave. They leave, surprisingly, they just leave.

Whatever way they leave, never chase them. Let go. Because you cannot make someone see your worth when they don’t want to; that in turn means that you don’t see your own worth.

You shouldn’t have to stay with someone who does not want to stay. And no amount of begging, pleading, or convincing will bring them to stay. All this will do in turn is eat away your integrity.

The way they left speaks a lot about them and not you. Even when you are a perfect match, or closest friends, or highly compatible, or there are sparks flying practically everywhere; know that they still have the capacity to leave. And sometimes, you will never know why.

When you are exhausted from over-analyzing and blaming yourself, know that you were honest even at the times they hid their intentions. Know that you spoke your heart out genuinely, when they chose not to feel. Know that you valued them, even when they took you for granted. Know that you have always chosen them, even when they never chose you. Know that you treated them permanent, even when you were always temporary for them.

Know that your care was an entire galaxy, when they couldn’t even see a shooting star.

But you, YOU are permanent. When they failed to look past the flaws, know that it is their loss. Be content that you gave your 100%, and there was nothing else you could have done differently. Maybe they had their own reasons. They might come back, or they might not. And you should not worry about that.

You should not wait on someone who does not know how to stay. And you certainly don’t want someone for whom you can never be enough.

Let go of people who walk away. If they’re meant to be, they will gravitate back and you’ll know it.

Give yourself the love that you expect from them.