When Two People Really Want Each Other, Distance Doesn’t Matter


She’s here and he’s there. Different time zone, different weather, different views.
She’s finishing deadlines at her work, while he’s picking up metals on the ship
He’s calling at 4PM while she’s picking up the phone at 4AM

His voice so familiar to her and her smile engraved on the back of his mind
Conversations and questions thrown back and forth
Both their eyes yearning each other’s presence
Their love going stronger from million miles — talking about the future that awaits them just
A few months away from now.

How do two people carry on their lives, so far away from each other you ask?
It’s because they we’re meant for each other. Two hearts and one soul.
Their love is stronger than the waves crashing them.
No distance can hinder the bond that they have.

It’s hard. It was never easy in the first place to know that the person you love is not always by your side every day.
But she’s brave and he’s determined to make this work no matter the distance.
She’s here and he’s there but distance never meant anything to them.