When We Kiss Goodnight, Promise It Isn’t Goodbye


Say goodnight, but not goodbye.

Because I’m going to see you again; and if you plan on seeing me too, please don’t say it. Don’t let this be our final scene. Don’t make this our what-if ending, because this was merely supposed to be our beginning. I just know it. I can see much more ahead for the both of us; and all of the old romantics of this world and I are screaming out in unison for Part Two. The kind of sequel that not many have huge hopes for, apart from its creators, and the most loyal of fans. Because they are the ones who believe. They believe that something already amazing can still find room to grow and be better.

And I believe it too. Even when the flame of that something has almost burnt out, and the hope of finding a source of fresh oxygen, fresh life, is dwindling fast.

There might be five thousand miles, seemingly endless oceans, and millions of people standing between us; but if you choose me like I choose you, our hearts will continue to beat together, blissfully unaware, knowing no distance.

Goodbye is too final for my liking.

Too abrupt. Too definite. It allows no room for possibility. No openness. Hell, I’ll take anything instead of a goodbye escaping your lovely lips. I’ll take your See Ya, your Peace Out, your Laters; I will, because you and I aren’t done yet. We aren’t. We have many chapters left to write in what I know could be an epic, kick-ass love story that goes on to surprise the world, and even ourselves. I don’t know if we belong together, but I do know that I am willing to put my heart on the line so that we can both find out if we do.

I am not the kind of girl who believes in goodbyes, because I know if not now then one day, one day we will all find our way to each other again.

Under what circumstances I cannot say, but I know that what you may believe to be our last words, will be so very far from our last. I have no reason to fear the day that we leave this life behind us, because we still have the next one. And the next one. And the one after that. We will have eternity to fill with as many good mornings and goodnights as we like.

If you and I ever part ways, I will kiss you softly, and I want you to whisper in my ear, goodnight.

Because goodbye is an ending; but goodnight is a promise that we are to be continued…