When You Feel Like The Heartache Will Never Go Away


I loved her there was no doubt about that. I endured every flaw she had and loved every broken piece. But even shattered glass needed to be picked up. She liked her life all over the place and I didn’t realize that until it was already too late. I was cut too deep. On days where all we could do was fight, I still loved her with everything inside of me.

She broke me just as much as she was broken, and that led her to believe we were perfect for each other. Misery really does love company. The more unstable we became the more we needed each other. She became everything to me, my whole world and that was the problem.

It came to me one day when I realized if I left her we wouldn’t know what to do. We’d be lost. I’d be lost. But I knew this is what I needed to do for the both of us. Neither of us knew how to stand on our OWN two feet… So I left. I didn’t look back. I needed to be able to live life and love my own life before I love OUR life. I had every intention on coming back to her. Love is hard but sometimes love isn’t enough. Its a hard truth that I had to come to on my own.

The sad part about this whole situation is that you can’t predict what the other person might do. Whose to say the other person will wait for you? Whose to say she’ll still want you after you broke her heart when that’s not what you were trying to do? My intentions were genuine but she wouldn’t believe that. And she didn’t.

With a broken heart I picked myself back up and put myself back together. I was able to stand on my own two feet. My ultimate goal and I achieved it on my own. I did things I would never imagine possible.

I know sometimes it feels like this feeling will never go away. No matter how many drinks you have or new people you meet you still feel like you’ll always feel heartbreak, take a step back, relax, wipe away those tears and remember who you are and how strong you can be. Do whats best for you.