When You Feel Like Your Only Option Is To Give Up, Read This


I know you’re feeling down right now. Maybe you’ve had a bad day at work or in school or maybe you didn’t get what you wanted because you were too late. I mean, we’ve all had rough days.

I guess it’s easy to say ‘I give up.’ Heck, it’s easy to say ‘I’ll start exercising.’

But the funny thing is that we talk so much yet do so little. We give up so easily but forget to stand up. We are stuck in that notion that no problem is gonna be bigger than the current problem we have. Guess what? There are more problems coming your way and it ain’t gonna be the last.

We give up because we’ve been holding on for so long, we grew tired. We grew tired of the countless hours we’ve spent our effort into certain things, certain people, yet receive so little.

Sometimes, nothing.

It’s as if we ask for recognition because it’s the only thing that keeps us going strong and clinging onto that sliver of hope. But the truth is that we are afraid. We are afraid of the fact that we are being vulnerable to something that shouldn’t even be a part of who we are. It’s like not finishing a race just because you weren’t in the first place.

Sure, we can cry about it and sulk about it throughout the day but in the end, you’ll just realize that it already happened and there’s nothing you can do about it but fix it. You can’t opt out once you’re in and you can’t bail if it comes for you. It works that way so work through it.

We think as though there isn’t any way for all of our problems to be resolved but there is.

There will always be a solution and if there’s none, then go find a way until it’s okay. Problems happen for a reason and it’s inevitable. You can’t stop it from going into your life because it’s a part of what makes you human.

So as long as you’re living, you do not give up just yet. The only time you give up is when you’re dead.

(Or maybe not. Because you might come back and haunt people.)

So please. I’m telling you to work your way back up and man/woman the hell up.

Smile and treat it like an old friend.

You go out there and show them what you can do.