When You Feel Like You’re Drowning In Self-Doubt, Read This


Do you ever feel like self-doubt is the only thing staring back at you in the mirror, returning your gaze with all-consuming reminders of why you could’ve, should’ve, would’ve? Spinning you round and round like the teacup ride at a carnival, replaying broken records of heartache and previewing what different outcomes might have led to in another dimension?

Self-doubt can creep in like a thief in the night during even our most seemingly self-assured moments, testing both our willpower and our sanity. It attempts to rob us of our inner-peace, making us overanalyze every decision we’ve ever made just for the sheer sport of it. When self-doubt decides to visit, let it quietly pass through, you but don’t let it linger. It’s normal to question the misfortunes of life, to wander back down memory lane and see yourself going through the motions over again. But it’s when these reruns start breeding distress that they become problematic, when they start to mob your mind and wreak havoc on the garden of your wellbeing.

If ever you start to feel yourself tumbling down the rabbit hole, try and remember that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be right now. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. You may not have the exact life you want, but where you’re headed is infinitely better than you could ever dream up from within the confines of your own mind. I ask that you just have faith. One of the most remarkable traits we humans possess is our unwavering faith. Faith in metaphysical realms. Faith in a higher power. Faith in an afterlife. Faith in eternal love. Faith that we are so much more than just a body. We have an uncanny ability to devote ourselves entirely to things that go far beyond anything science can prove. That’s how I know faith flurries in your core as well. And that’s how I know you can defeat those pesky pangs of self-doubt when they have you surrounded.

You don’t have to relive your brutal past or punish yourself for ancient mistakes. You don’t have to compare trophies with your neighbors or question the purpose behind your existence. You just have to have faith. You just have to get through it one day at a time. Without expectations or second guesses or regrets. You’re so much more capable than you realize. Perhaps all you really need is to have a little more faith in Yourself.