When You Feel So Small Compared To Your Dreams


Sometimes your dreams seem so far away.

As young people we stress everyday about the future. Everything is so uncertain. What should I major in? Will I graduate on time? I just got turned down for another internship How do I expect to make it if I am failing math tests?

Sometimes our dreams seem so unrealistic.

I’ve found myself asking the same questions over and over.

“How am I special compared to everyone else?”
“What’s the chances that I’ll make it over people who are smarter or more experienced than me?”

Fighting these thoughts are difficult. It’s hard not to feel so small in this world.

I had a conversation once with one of my best friends, who passed away a few months ago. This conversation is always in the back of my head.

He looked at me and said, “What is your dream? If you could do anything, what would it be?”

I gave him my response but followed up by saying, “But that won’t happen, it’s pretty unrealistic.”

This is when he stumped me. He asked, “Why?” And I said, “Well because it’s far fetched, you know?”

Again…he said why? I continued to make excuses to why it wasn’t possible and he continued to ask me why it wasn’t.

Until I ran out of excuses.

He then looked at me and said,

Over time I’ve learned that it’s okay to want more. It’s okay to never be satisfied. This doesn’t mean you are selfish, or ungrateful. It means you are giving your life more purpose.

I say choose not to be average.

We can always do better. Never settle. Think of your wildest dream, and realize that the only thing stopping you is yourself.

You will face failure, you will be denied, shut down, and told to give up. But the moment you let yourself think that it’s impossible is the moment that you have settled for less. The world has won. The world has made you feel small. But you are not small.

Now is the time in our lives when we are forced to start shaping our paths in whichever direction we choose…. Now is the time that you make the decision to settle or persevere.

If you choose to persevere, you will have to face the trials and tribulations that are thrown your way without letting them destroy you. There will be days that you feel like you are stuck and not moving forward… your dreams might feel unrealistic or too far away.

That’s when you wake up the next day and keep pushing through.

You were created with purpose. No one is a mistake.

The world may be big, but you are not small.