When You Lose Someone You Thought You’d Never Lose


I travel in cars I don’t own,

and I remember everything I never thought,

I see my parents drifting away in my dreams,

I see myself calling out for them in silent screams.

I quivered, I covered my own shaking body when the weather grew cold,

I loved and cared for myself when I started growing too old,

If I am being honest, I never thought I would make it this far,

You still seem the unsolvable puzzle I stared at from afar.

We both were always too lonely for this world,

Nothing could fill our hearts, everything we touched turned cold,

We never were able to hear or say heartfelt apologies,

People always seemed to look at with unfathomable envy.

I couldn’t stop the world from spinning when you left it quietly one night,

I thought I would give up finally on this life,

But then I saw the sunrise one fine morning,

And I decided to stay here after I spent all night mourning.