When You Lose Yourself In Others, They Get To Keep A Piece Of You


It just happens, unnoticed. We lose ourselves in everything we touch, in everyone we encounter. You leave a piece of yourself in the places you visit. The bed of sand and alluring waves at night become a holder of the the secrets you’ve been holding for so long, the morning after. The thoughts now jotted down take away something inside you. It extracts tiny pricks from your head. You reveal your vulnerability or power through the words that come out from your mouth.

Little by little, you lose pieces of yourself but there’s nothing you have to worry about. You’re made to leave marks on the things you touch. It’s like carving your name on a branch when you were high. You forget about it for days but when you come back to that same old spot, a memory hits you and you suddenly remember how much of a good time you had during that night. You see, sometimes, you just have to brand the things that made you feel ecstatic so that when you come back, you’ll be reminded of how happy it made you once.

Stop looking at the scars other people left you with. It’s time to look at the other point of view and try to see what you are capable of and believe me, you have the potential to do the greatest things.

However, you have the power to inflict pain too. But you don’t want that, right? You wouldn’t be honored to be labeled as someone who destroyed someone else’s dreams or will. Don’t be the person who throws around words that could kill a person just because you’re the one feeling dead inside and incomplete.

Life is cruel as it already is but if you learn how to take a leap and choose what’s right, the burden will get lighter and the baggages will get easier to carry.

Be the amazing person that you are and dare to leave an imprint on a person you care about, a mark to remind him how you’ve helped him heal other burns; not scar to make someone remember how much you’ve hurt him. Who knows, maybe that way, he’ll learn how to touch someone else and stitch the person’s cuts too.

Don’t be afraid if you think you’ll be left with nothing. Just keep in mind that the things and people you marked beautifully – the ones who you left a piece of yourself with – will be the same people and things that will complete you. What you are today holds the remains of the past you colored in your own terms. And who you are right at this very moment is the sum of all the souls you’ve held and taken care of.

The parts of yourself you leave everywhere are reminders. Reminders of how you’ve finally taken a step out of your shell to do what you are meant to do. You have a purpose and it’s to make the world feel your presence. Don’t waste it.