When You Miss Him


When you miss him, when you miss the touch of someone else; the comforting arm late at night; the warm body as the sunrises; the weight of him next to you…

When you miss him, when you miss the words he once said; the reassurance in doubts; the goodmorning texts; the late night chats; the sound of I love you…

When you miss him, when you miss the knowing that he is there; the stability of his presence; the comfort of his soul; the plus one to every invite; the other half of you; the never having to be alone…

When you miss him, ask yourself what you’re really missing.

Is it really him?

Is it him you miss that holds you to sleep
Is it him you miss that says all you need to hear
Is it him you miss that makes you feel…comfortable?

Because if he has left, if he’s now gone, are you sure it’s him you want…

Or is it the idea of him, of everything he represented, of everything you thought he was? Is he the idea of what you want?

It’s normal to want someone, to feel you need someone, to shield you from the reality of what you’re lacking. Because all of what you need , all of what you want, has to be within you first.

Can’t you see that without first seeing your own worth no one else will ever value yours?

You don’t need a man to hide behind, a love to shield you in discomfort. You don’t need a hand to hold, a hand to reassure you in your pain. You don’t need a body to feel, a comforting touch to give you love. You don’t need this, but you deserve and desire this- but first you have to love.

Because you deserve a great love; a wildly passionate love; a devine soulful love. So please, please take the time to see that within you first.

And ask yourself when you miss him is it really him you’re missing?