When You Realize Your Parents Aren’t Perfect


They say that the closest ones to you will hurt you. And sometimes, you don’t realize that this too is applied to the people who nurtured you. Your family.

Because you have this belief that your parents are perfect, should be perfect. And this has happened to me. Unwillingly, without wanting to accept this, it was something I was forced to accept. Maybe because I was naïve and didn’t think it would be possible.

Isn’t your family supposed to protect you and cushion your falls? I guess this isn’t always so. Sometimes, they are actually the ones to drive the dagger deeper into your heart until you realize that they too are just people. Imperfect.

The ones you once looked up to, just become people. People who struggle with their choices and everyday lives as well. People who try to make ends meet, and will falter in the teachings they imposed upon you as they too fall short. And you are left to deal with the heartbreak and disappoint when your eyes are cleared of the fog.

But, even when this happens, it shouldn’t mean you lose hope in them. It doesn’t mean they love you any less or you love them any less. In fact, what it does mean is that you use this revelation as a step towards growth. You plant the seed and begin the understanding of people because that’s where you start. With the people closest to you. With the people you live with. With the people you call family.