When You Sleep With Someone You Do Not Love


I feel his warm, sticky breath on my neck
Luring me
Taunting me
Tonguing my jawline
He rests his hand on my thigh
A searing touch
And hitched breath

One hand tracing down my spine
Cascading chills where his fingers once were
The other hand tangled in my hair
–pulling and tugging ever so gently,
Leaving my mouth open and awaiting his

Finally, my lips are embraced by him
Our tongues meet
Dancing with one another
a long awaited greeting
a mouthful of desire
Devouring me with each slow, hard kiss

His nails claw into my back
Agonizing pleasure
I become his own personal catnip
I purr softly into the nape of his neck

Smoldering lips caress my ear
A nibble here and there
“Oh God”
I whisper through the moans
An epileptic climax courses through my veins

Succumbing to his ravenous touch
Reducing to a puddle of lust
Allowing him to consume
Every part of me

All said and done
Sitting in the insatiable silence
Awaiting the feeling in my legs to return
I taste the bitter ambiance

I drown in a feeling
Once resembling lust