When You Think You’re All Alone


Are you like me? Everyone speaks over you, the noise of the train passing by, makes you shiver up in fear, do you think to yourself if someone is on their way to see someone for the last time? Are you like me?

Do people always hang up on you whilst you’re still talking? Do you smile and laugh even when you don’t have any particular reason to do so? Do you hang out with people just so they wouldn’t know how bad it is getting in your life? Are you like me?

Do you sit by any window and look either up at the sky, or down below, or at the trees and people passing by, do you think to yourself that one day you’ll go so far away that you’ll forget all this? Do you ever want to crash into walls when you drive all alone at night? Do you ever get tired of listening to the same old songs you’ve been listening all your life and feeling all the same things? Are you like me?

Do you gather raindrops in your curved palm when it starts to rain? Do you like walking underneath a red or yellow or pink umbrella and hear the sound of raindrops falling like coins on the umbrella? Are you like me?

Do you just nod and go your own way when people hurt your heart so carelessly? Do you ever want to leave this town, leave your family, leave your friends, leave the people that won’t love you back, leave yourself down here with all of them? Do you want a new body? Do you want a new soul? Do you want to fix what isn’t broken just so you can feel whole for once? Are you like me?

Are you afraid of beginning, or ending without any meaning? Are you getting tired of not being treated as nicely as you treat everyone else? But you lack the courage, you lack the energy to make other people listen to you, are you like me?

Do you want things to change but you’re afraid of change the most? Do you want to kiss someone behind a curtain and not know their name or age or face or about their life, everyone is a stranger worth knowing when you’re feeling too low, are you a stranger to yourself or you know yourself too well to feel anything new? Are you like me?

Do you get tired too easily? Does your chest hurt when you think about your life? Do you think time is passing by too quickly, and sometimes it seems to stop without any warning, especially when I think this sadness will pass too, but time stops inexplicably, making me more tired than I actually am, are you like me?

Are mornings too heavy to live through and nights are too short to sleep through? Do you lose the motivation to go somewhere when you’re halfway there? Are you like me? Or am I all alone still?