When You Think You’re Wrong For Loving Too Hard, Read This


I have often been worried that my heart is too big. I feel so intensely sometimes, I worry that I could just explode with emotion.

I have heard people describe this before as “feeling too much”.

For me, the thing I feel “too much of” is love.

For a long time, I thought there was something wrong with me.

I felt that having so much love to give, not only to people but also being extremely passionate about things was not right.

We are taught so often it is “better to play hard to get”, “apathy is strength”, “caring too much isn’t cool”-but what if I do care? What if I want my empathy to be my strength?

I spent way too much of my life trying to mask these feelings of love that I have, only because I was worried I would be judged for it.

Sure everyone goes through the adolescent years when being “cool” is all that matters but what if it wasn’t? What does cool even mean? I have found myself most attracted to people who are authentically themselves.

There is nothing wrong with loving too much there is no maximum heart size, and although I feel like mine may flop out of my chest at times giving love is the greatest gift one could ever receive.

And here is why:

1. So many people don’t have it: Love may be one of the most fundamental emotions, but it is all too often we come in contact with people who are not receiving it the way they should. Whether it is the lack of love from others or themselves, there is no maximum amount of love you can give.

2. When you give it away, it doesn’t mean you are left dry: Giving others the love they deserve is good! Not only for the person on the receiving end but for you too! It is like gift giving at Christmas-seeing the other person light up when you give them this special gift will only bring you joy too.

3. It is so easy to spread it everyone: Admiring something or a quality about someone? Let them know! Kindness is love’s best friend. If it feels awkward, it is just a result of us not doing it enough for one another it will get easier. Plus you never know what type of impact you will have later.

The truth is there is nothing wrong with my heart, or yours either. Spreading love will only allow it to grow into something greater than us all.