When You Walk In The Room, I See My Whole Future With You


When you walk in the room, my heart feels lighter. It feels like the outside world is nothing but a low, quiet background noise.

When you walk in the room, I see my future. I see a creamy beige house with off-white blinds. A nice porch that has a wooden swing fit for the two of us. A house with a backyard, a garden filled with flowers.

Sunflowers, because the yellow makes me happy.

Roses, because the smell is my favorite.

Tulips to add more color to the world we built around us.

And in that house, I see us.

Us, reading on the loveseat that became our very first purchase in our new home.

Us, snuggled up under the blanket that you gave me all those years ago on my eighteenth birthday. The blanket you would call “turquoise” even though you know it’s mint green, just to mess with me.

Us, watching movies on Netflix all night on our light grey velvet couch with the many dogs we have.

Us, coming home from our weekly Friday date nights, something we’ve been doing since high school. I’d take off my makeup and you would still call me beautiful. You would give me a small kiss on the forehead like you do every night as we got ready for bed.

Us, having dinner together every night. I’d have dinner prepared for you when you come home. A different dish every night.

Us, having breakfast every morning. You would make me breakfast, because omelette is the only thing you know how to cook. I’d still appreciate the effort though.

Us, in the small room we set aside just for our books. I would be writing at my small desk while you walk in with a small snack and a drink. You’d set it down on the table as you’d bend down and give me a kiss on the cheek.

Us, in the car, your left hand on the steering wheel while your right is holding my hand. Our song would come on the radio — Make You Feel My Love by Adele — and you would squeeze my hand and give it a small kiss.

But as for now, I see you walk in my room. You give me a tight, warm hug as if we hadn’t seen each other yesterday. You look in my eyes and give me the lightest, subtlest kiss, almost like you’re afraid to break my lips. We snuggle in my bed and prepare to watch Netflix all day as we let the outside world become just a low, quiet background noise.