When Your Parents Date


I never thought I would be exchanging battle stories with my dad when it comes to the War of Love. He’s probably thinking the exact same thing. Not that it’s brag worthy, but my dad was going out on more dates than me at one point. We never expected to be in this situation, but after losing my mom to cancer over two years ago, we find dating to be a normal topic of discussion now. Sometimes it’s hilarious and other times it’s just weird. For better or for worse, we’re here, dating, and yes, he’s probably still getting more action than me (yes, I realize that is pathetic).

I know I’m not the only one who sees their parents date again, but we all have our own experiences. My friend was looking at Facebook while she was telling me her mom recently broke up with her boyfriend, and stopped mid-sentence, “Who is this guy with my mom?” There was a new picture collage on her feed with her mom and another suitor. Not only is her mom dating again, but technology is now brought into the equation. Parents these days…

My dad has always been viewed as another friend in my eyes, but it’s safe to say we’ve reached a whole new level with our friendship. Not only are we on a different level with our relationship, but I view him differently as well- he’s a person with emotions and not just “a dad.” One day I asked him if he was still in love with my mom, and he replied with tears in his eyes, “Of course I am, baby- more and more every day. But I’m trying to find happiness again and I’m slowly getting there.” He was never ashamed of showing his emotions, even he was still just “my dad.”

He dealt with some crazies (apparently some women stay crazy at any age) and he’s been a “dude” at times too. I will always dry heave witnessing my dad flirting with a woman, but his happiness is more important than whether or not I can keep my food down. I’ll just have to suck it up for the time being, while accepting the fact that yes, my dad still goes out on more dates than I do.

Maybe all truly is fair in love and war, whether one is trying to find the one during their 20s or searching for companionship in their 50s and 60s. Dating is wild during every decade of one’s life and we’re all just trying to find someone else who can keep up with our own crazy. Well, my dad, he’s still just my dad, just with more dinners on his calendar that don’t involve his daughters.

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