When You’re Afraid You Can’t Heal On Your Own


What do you do when you finally find the other half of your heart, only to find that it’s just as damaged as its sister?
You hold on to that other half because you fear
You may never be whole again.
You’re afraid that there is only one
Left out there for you.
Afraid you can’t heal on your own.
Afraid to be alone.

It has to be that, the reason I cannot bleed the poison.
It fills me; makes me feel complete
Even while I’m choking.
You can’t see the bruises darling
They’re inside, where true beauty
Lies through our sparkling teeth
Clenched to smile.
We’re happy. We love it.

We can’t leave it behind.
What would be left of us? I can’t
Let go of the hurt when the other times
It feels so good to be poisoned.
Dragged down so deep that we can’t hear
The sounds of life, so that it seems
Like we still have one.

So dark becomes morning and storms
Become sunsets streaking
Mascara across high cheekbones and button noses
Held high against the blowing wind
Of flesh on flesh.
Heart to heart, hurt to hurt,
Angry and afraid.