When You’re In Your 20s, This Is What Mature Women Are Like To Date


Mature women are not going to blow up your phone, leaving twenty messages in a row if you fail to answer the first time. If you ignore them once, then they are going to get the hint and leave you alone. They don’t want to deal with anyone who acts like talking to them is a chore. They want someone who wants them.

If you take ages to answer their texts, don’t expect them to come running when you call. They won’t race to text you back if you take days to text them back. They aren’t playing games with you by making you wait. They just aren’t going to make you a priority if it’s clear they are only a backup plan for you.

Mature women are not interested in drama. They are not going to pick a fight whenever something minor goes wrong. They are going to sit you down and talk about how they feel and how the situation could be resolved. Instead of entering a screaming match, they would rather compromise so that you are both happy.

Mature women aren’t interested in winning. They are interested in finding solutions. If a relationship is worth their time, they will fight for it. They will put in the necessary effort — but they expect their partner to follow their lead.

Mature women will be able to help you through the most difficult moments of your life. When you lose faith in yourself, they will remind you of your value. When you feel like giving up, they will motivate you to try again. They will push you to become the best version of yourself but will continue to love you throughout the journey.

Mature women are strong independent badasses, but they are still able to let loose and have fun. They will have a few drinks with your friends. They will sing along to the radio during road trips. They will make you laugh and watch old 90s shows with you. They have a carefree, fun-loving side too. It’s not all business, all the time.

Mature women know the difference between a grown man and a young boy. They can tell whether you are going to be able to commit to a serious relationship or whether you still have some growing up to do. They know whether you are worthy of their time or a waste of their time.

Mature women are not going to put up with your bullshit. They are going to let you get away with one — or maybe two — mistakes before bailing. They aren’t the type to fall for fake apologies. You can say sorry all you want, but if your actions don’t back up your words, then they are going to hit the road without glancing in their rearview mirror.

Mature women are able to take care of themselves. The single life doesn’t scare them, so if you start taking them for granted a few months or years into the relationship, they are going to leave. They are going to find someone else who treats them the way they deserve every damn day.