When You’re Searching For Meaning


Are our memories stronger than I thought?

Can I rely on them to get through these dark days?

I have so many questions but words escape me when I see you,

Maybe some things are better not known.

Is my love from the past lingering still inside the worn down walls of my heart?

Can I dare to repair it all by myself, with the help of your memories?

How is your heart doing? Does it hurt when you can’t chase away the emptiness caused by my absence?

That’s always the case with me, always always.

Seasons change, and weeks turn to decades, but I stay the same,

I keep waiting for the change that never arrives,

Is my life is going to be an endless wait-list?

People are always rushing from one damage to the other, fixing and breaking themselves over and over again,

Hiding and seeking new meanings in the same old circumstances,

I want to be like them, but all I can be is myself.

I wonder if that enough to get by in this life.