When You’re Starting To Feel Like All Men Are Assholes, Read This


When a guy cheats on someone, what do people say? When a guy divorces his wife, what do people say? When a guy breaks a girl’s heart, what do people say? When a guy lies to a girl to just sleep with her, what do people say? When someone sees on the news that a guy committed a terrible crime towards a woman, what do people say?

Personally, I always hear, “All guys suck,” or “Men are good for nothing,” or even “Men are assholes.” Do not get me wrong though, there ARE some shitty men that fit those statements. But there are some women that fit them, too.

There are moments in a girl’s life when they may have been hurt by a guy. Sometimes it’s emotionally, sometimes it’s physically. It can change a girl’s perspective on men. It can make them think that every guy is going to hurt them, just like how those one or two or maybe even three had. Quite honestly, I think a girl should have a little moment to hate men, as long as it’s not a lifetime.

So, girls after you have your moment and want to stop feeling the pain, think of all the men in your life. Has every single one hurt you? Has every single one showed that they are good for nothing? Are they assholes?

I had to ask myself those questions after a guy hurt me. And when I realized that I have men in my life that do not fit any of those descriptions, I realized that I was just hurting myself more by thinking that every guy was an asshole, worthless, or would hurt me.

So ladies, think of those men that are good. They could be your dad, grandfather, uncle, cousin, brother, friend, coworker, etc. I promise you, there is at least one good guy in your life. When you start to think that all men are worthless, remember that good one.

To all the men in my life that show me every day that not every guy will hurt me, thank you. You all know who you are.