When You’re Struggling With Living In The Present Moment, Read This


It’s true, you cannot do everything. The most obvious truth in the present moment is that everything you ever did is simply over. You cannot change the situation. That’s one thing that you should explicitly realize. Like the time, you know that it will always move at exactly the same pace, and whether you like it or not you will only get twenty-four hours each day.

So, consider this if you’re not yet ready to live in the present moment:

It’s okay to feel the pain. And while you can almost always learn from it, you cannot undo what you have done. Feel the pain but don’t harbor any bitterness in your heart—not for him, for her, or for anybody else. Don’t burden yourself with negative feelings when you want to enjoy your life. After all, life is incomplete without pain. It makes you human.

It’s okay to commit mistakes. After all, you are human. A human being that is prone to failure. When life is difficult and messed up, when there is imperfection, don’t strive for perfect, improve. All of us are perfectly imperfect, remember that always.

It’s okay to forgive and forget. Did you know that God’s angels in heaven are rejoicing when you forgive and forget? When you do these two things, there’s a spark of happiness in the darkest side in your heart. Leniency is contagious. When you spread it around, it will surely come back you in the most amazing way. Do it and you’ll find peace.

It’s okay to dream. Dream. Believe. Entertain illusions. Because that’s one way of knowing you live and not just exist. When you dream, learn to follow that dream. Learn to suffer through the pain, sacrifices, self-doubt and friction from the world because when you show courage and tenacity, you will genuinely impress yourself.

It’s okay to take risks. And in taking risks, you must know how to calculate these risks. Sometimes you take risk on an impulse or because you think it’s a good idea, you realize afterwards it’s not. That’s perfectly okay, but you need to be smart before jumping forward.

It’s okay to trust people. Giving your trust is fine, but you have to remember to be careful. And if someone breaks yours, realize that it’s mainly a challenge to you. Perhaps it’s a great obstacle, but always remember that it’s not impossible to overcome. Tolerate the people who make you cry. Say thank you to them when they make you smile. Always, always trust those people who make that beautiful curve on your lips lift when tears are in your eyes.

It’s okay to be confused. Life is full of confusion. You may be confused about your feelings- romance, affection and decisions. Maybe, you are confused how to roll the dice to win a game. It’s okay. It only means one thing, you are alive because your mind is working.

It’s okay not to know the answer. There are things in life that defy explanation and it’s always difficult to live with them. How can you explain a mother who takes out the foods from her mouth and give it to her starving child? How can you explain a beautiful girl’s decision to leave her boyfriend and disappear behind the wall of a convent? How can you explain a man who dives into a raging waves of the sea to save a girl from drowning? Your heart behaves the way it does! It can love and love defies all reason.

Don’t get stuck in the past and get confused whether you let go of the things you can’t have and move on. Thank God because there is confusion and pain in life, otherwise this world would be a boring place to live in. There’s always a solution in every struggle. It just takes some determination, will and a bit of sacrifice. It’s just a matter of looking at things in a different perspective.