When You’ve Moved On, People Are Going To Make Sure You Go Back To What Hurts You


When you’ve finally moved on, there are going to be a lot of stressors that will go the extra mile just to bruise your progress. It will bother them that there’s no longer a fiber in your being that’s miserable. It will wreck them that after everything, you actually figured out how to survive on your own because it was much easier for them to celebrate your pain than to see you happy. They’re going to hate it because it’s not them who’s happy.


Once you’ve worked your way up, they’re going to ask you how you are. They’re going to tell you they’re glad that you’re finally doing great. But the truth is, it upsets them that while they’re still hurting, you’re already laughing and smiling.


When you tell people to leave you alone, they’re either going to show up even more to destroy your momentum or they’re going to lie and just tell you they will no longer be around. But they will still be there lurking, looking for the perfect opportunity to insert themselves in your life once more.


And when the time comes that you stop caring about what pains them and what it is about them that pains you, they’re going to shove your mistakes down your throat. They’re going to convince you that it’s not just them who’s capable of creating faults because they want you to know that you, too, make mistakes—as if that’s not obvious enough. Because it comforts them that you’re aware of your contributions as to why their life has been down in the dumps.


They will use your past against you because they have nothing about you today that they can still blame you for.

This will happen at a time when all you ever wish for is to be at ease with yourself—also the same time when you’ve finally decided that their happiness, sadness, and anger are none of your concern anymore.


The moment you begin to be genuinely satisfied with where you are, they’re going to wonder what part of them you no longer miss. It will confuse them how you were able to get over them after they got so used to seeing you kiss their feet. It will startle them how they’ve already lost their safety net when they haven’t even started planning how to be truly happy when they have nothing but themselves.


And when they see you preparing yourself for the universe and what’s to come, they’ll want to hold you back one last time to see if you’re ever coming back. They’re going to experiment with your feelings to see whether you’ve really loosen your grip already or you’re just really testing the waters.


But you’re going to feel more complete now that you’ve learned how to stretch the pain in your chest and make it go away. It’s going to encourage you to continue living your life and exploring the greater outdoors that is the real world.


You’re also going to master silently shooing people away without feeling the need of constantly telling them to mind their own business. You’re going to be more accepting that as you stand up, sometimes people are going to purposely make you trip. But one day, you will stop worrying about it because you know that after you’ve hurdled countless storms, you can now handle any hurricane. And that’s how you’ll know that you’ve ultimately moved on because it takes real contentment to finally see that.