Wherever I Am, I’m Always Wishing You Were There With Me


He told me you were magic, but you put a curse on me, a different kind of trouble, the one that makes you push yourself off bridges to get released from it, but I still keep running to you when the day ends, I lie on your sofa, hear you breathe as you watch the television without saying a word,

everyone says you’re a real people pleaser, but you don’t please me at all,

Everyone has their own perspectives on truths and lies, which ones am I supposed to believe?

Can you even be bound by the belief of other people? Can’t you just change with a wave of your hand?

I tried kissing you, waking you up in a new world, where you are loved at last, but you cursed me, said that you didn’t want to wake yet, or loved by someone,

You said you were too tired of the world, and just wanted to stay still until yoir limbs forgot that they were capable of movement,

How come you want to play dead when you are still breathing?

I think about you even now, what am I to do? My mind is a cinema hall, where movies of only you play all day and night, your memories have become my own, as you inhabit every memory I cherish, is this really a curse?

Maybe it is, if I can’t tell you this,

But if you ever want to fall in love with yourself, my phone number and address is on the side table of your bed,

The more I know of you, the more you change yourself, but it’s all the same,

Nobody is that unpredictable if you love them for a long time, if you don’t wish to change them, but accept them, if you don’t wish to fit them to your image of them, but let them have a choice in being a part of your life,

Even the greatest love stories had the lovers in doubts, but the option to leave is always the hardest to give but the most important,

Love shouldn’t make you feel trapped, it’s supposed to set you free,

The door is always right there, but you never make for it when the times get tough, you can always run and break free, but they hold your hand, telling you how much you mean to them, isn’t that amazing how we easily communicate such pure emotions without words?

So there’s my phone number and address, remember when you’re alone at night, that wherever I am, I am always wishing you were there with me,

And whomever I meet, I wish it were you instead, and every night you still refuse to move, remember I’m pacing the room waiting for you.

But I won’t ever leave, if you stretch your hand out to me, I’ll be there every time to hold it.

Do you understand me now, even if a little bit?

Do you understand how worth it all you are?