Who Gets You Wet


Megi Szu tells Lola about the nude rice patties in Nepal. This was ten years ago. Megi Szu lived on a roof with a view of the rice patties. She had a girlfriend then and they pitched a tent on the roof of a temple. They did this for six months.

Megi Szu tells Lola about tent sex. She says the tent sex rubbed her knees raw. Megi Szu says they smoked ate and fucked. Then they walked the rice patties snapping exotic photos. Megi Szu says she liked the tent sex. Lola asks if she misses her old girlfriend from Nepal. Megi Szu shakes her head. Then she says sometimes. Sometimes she misses her old girlfriend from Nepal.

Lola asks Megi Szu about the nude rice patties. She asks if any of the men got erections when she spoke to them. Megi Szu says yes. Megi Szu asks Lola if it is flattering to give men erections. Lola says it depends on the man. Megi Szu asks Lola if giving a mysterious man an erection would get her wet. Lola says she is not sure.

Megi Szu tells Lola the nude rice patties in Nepal did not get her wet. The nude rice patties in Nepal had old Buddhist men. She found one behind some trees. He was smoking and masturbating. His wrinkles folded into his face. This did not make her wet.

Megi Szu sits on a couch. The couch is outside the main pub. It is covered with a cream blanket. The cream blanket has holes with yellow around the edges. It is the smoking couch. Plastic sheets cover the former windows. The plastic sheets are flapping. There is no snow on the ground but everything is frosted. Megi Szu smokes long thin white Polish cigarettes.

Megi Szu tells Lola she has a boyfriend now. He is a climber. He eats healthy and exercises constantly. Megi Szu’s new boyfriend is well shaped. He is tall. She likes them tall. The taller the better. She tells Lola there is no too tall. He belongs to a community of climbers with beautiful bodies.

Lola asks Megi Szu about delayed wetness. Lola tells Megi Szu she rides the tube and sometimes arrives home wet. She notices the wet when she wipes. She says, “Do you always know who gets you wet?”

They leave the Presja Pub. It is Boxing Day. 

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