Who You Are Is Exactly Who This World Needs


I will always believe in who you are
If you don’t believe in who you are
Come to me and I’ll remind you of you
Who you are is everything we need
You’ve always been everything we need

People believe in you because even when you don’t believe in yourself, you move. With your entire soul, you move along somehow always finding your way to where you belong. Even if where you are isn’t where you want to be, you find peace there. Even when you look back, you still look forward. When you say goodbye, you’re still always there. You don’t give up on people even when over and over again people are giving up on you. People believe in you because you take care of others more than you take care of yourself. The world says take care of yourself first, but you don’t think that way always because that’s just who you are. You are a natural born caretaker and heart-healer. Empathy has been carved into your bones. Pain tried to take you, but you made it escape you. You found compassion in the middle of it because you never want anyone to feel the heartache you have. You’ve been someone’s angel all along. Selfless isn’t a strong enough noun for you. You make people believe in themselves. Thank you for that. Some may say you’re naive because you’d even try to find some good in a prisoner, but I’d say that’s admirable. Your heart is wide open, soaring with pure beauty and gentleness that touches the hearts of more than you know. Who you are is the warm yellow in a sunflower. You are warm and people come to you without even realizing it. It’s hard to look away from someone whose light fills a room. You may not like yourself sometimes, but you’re so likable. You may not see your beauty, but others do. Don’t change who you are for someone you know isn’t meant to be in your life. Don’t change who you are to fit into the world. Your mind and your body fit perfectly in the space you are. You belong in the space you are, always. Stay true to who you are because we need you. We’ve always needed someone exactly like you. You are exactly who we need.