Whose Fault Is It?


We get stopped at the door because it’s too many of us, too many black people in a group.
But they’ll tell us no gym shoes as we watch at least 4-5 people walk pass in em’.
What they mean is, no black people tonight.
Melanin poppin, racism not stopping.
Still killing eachother, who’s fault is it?
We keep asking now we in the mindset to just go get it.
Starving mentally and physically. Take five steps forward just to take 10 steps back.
Boxed in these neighborhoods that we can afford..that was set up just for us.
Stuck in neighborhoods with your own people that you don’t wanna live around.
Hiding stuff. Leaving lights on when you not even home because you KNOW how they get down.
Part of the reason why you can’t get in that club downtown.
So who’s fault is it?
Schools closing, nothing new, nothing nice, nothing fixed on yo side of town.
Oooh but if it was the other way around…
Struggling, paycheck to paycheck. Coming home everyday like this can’t be life.
Just existing, not living.
Stuck in the same mindset, your same ways.
Tired of this, tired of that. But still doing this and still doing that.
It’s all you know right?
No education, no credit, no investments, no money saved.
“We all screwed cuz we never had the tools.”
So whose fault is it?