Why Are So Many Liberals Blaming Fox News For The Chapel Hill Murders?


Yesterday evening, staunch atheist and liberal Craig Stephen Hicks murdered three young Muslim students in their Chapel Hill, NC apartment. Once the national reporting began, it became clear that Hicks was not, as some might have expected, a right wing gun nut racist. He was instead an atheist who loved supposedly liberal things like the Huffington Post, The Daily Show, Richard Dawkins, and Bill Nye. He also identified as a political progressive.

We seems to have also been decidedly equalist in his dislike (hatred?) for both Islam and Christianity.

Perusal of his Facebook page reveals a generalized contempt for religion and the religious, nothing like what many people would expect.

It’s interesting then to see what the online reaction of many liberals has been to the murders. Instead of understanding that people on the left can do horrible things too, many are looking for another scapegoat and the one they’ve settled on appears to Fox News. Below are sixteen comments and tweets of many that illustrate this mob mentality trend.


This one is interesting insofar as I’ve actually seen the video she’s talking about and while Jeanine Pirro is hackery at its finest the “kill ’em all” she’s referring to was Pirro saying that we should arm moderate muslims to the teeth and let them go out and kill all the extremists. So, not exactly on point here.

While I feel the pain more on this one since the poster appears to be a member of the Muslim population, the Charlie Hebdo terrorism incident committed by actual members of a terrorist group appears to have little in common with a guy who hates religion and committed the heinous act of murder.

But what these really tell me is that there’s one thing that some liberals hate more than bias murders and that’s Fox News. I think that’s instructive regarding the state of our dialogue and the ability to be honest with ourselves about the world we live in. Not very honest, extremely self conscious, hyper self-centered.