Why Are There So Few Dateable Men?


I know so many awesome, beautiful, intelligent women and so few men with the same qualities. What gives?

Is this generation of men simply too consumed with video games and passive to go out and get real careers, take care of themselves, and actually want to have a successful relationship? Why is it that women can do all these things and men can’t?

I’m not asking for anything to be handed to me on a silver platter, but dating shouldn’t be this hard. There should be as many quality men as there are quality women. There should be as many men looking for a great relationship as there are women. After all, everyone benefits when people are in happy, healthy relationships.

I’ve seen it said that the answer is for women to lower their expectations and be realistic. I don’t know who these people are, but I think I’m already being extremely realistic. I’m not assuming Ryan Gosling is going to ride a multi-colored pony into my corner bar and propose marriage to me. All I expect is someone who is somewhat attractive, intelligent, who has a good job and is a genuinely nice person that is fun to be around. I am all of these things, why can’t I demand the same from the men in my life?

How is it seemingly impossible for men to be these things? It’s not that hard!

Feminism is all about equality and it seems that in making sure that we ourselves are strong people that lead great lives we’ve forgotten to encourage men to do the same. They need to know it’s not okay to passively live out their lives. It’s much better to be active, to have a great group of similarly successful friends, to enjoy life. And — hopefully, to top it all off with a great relationship. This is what we should all want.