Why Being Single Should Be Celebrated


After a year of being single, you realize what is important. You realize that being single isn’t the end of the world and that being content with your life and your loneliness is an incredible journey that should be celebrated.

When you are single you come to understand and accept your emotions. You realize what makes you happy when you are feeling down. You realize how to handle your uncomfortable feelings like loneliness. You come to understand that loneliness doesn’t happen just when you are single. You come to understand that loneliness when you are with someone is far worse than being single. Loneliness is not something that needs to be feared. Your emotions aren’t things that need to remain hidden only between the two people in a relationship; it needs to be understood all on your own.

Being single helps you understand that those emotions are okay. Loneliness is okay. Anger is okay. Every emotion you feel should be felt and not hidden.
When you are single you realize how important your friendships truly are. How magical it is to be so connected with different people. You realize that your friends will keep you sane, they will keep you feeling loved and appreciated and will become more important to you than you ever imagined.

You will realize how important your friendships are when everything else around you falls apart. Your friends will help you find the strength within yourself to get back up and start again.

When you are single you realize where you started from and how important your roots are. You realize that your family will support you in your decision to be single. They will stand by you and help you remember why you deserve better, who you are at your core and that they will always stand by your side no matter who you end up with. Your family will remind you of why choosing a partner is so important. They will remind you that to be a part of your family is a gift that should be given to someone deserving of your lifelong love.

The people you date while you are single will teach you things about yourself, about the world, about relationships and about what you want in life. The people you date will teach you about what you want to get out of a relationship. They will teach you about what you value in life. They will remind you what you deserve. They will help you remember why being lonely is better than being with the wrong person. They will help you understand why you can’t settle for someone who ghosts you. Why you can’t settle for people not keeping their word to you. Why you can’t settle for men who treat women poorly. The people you date will teach you something new and you should treat dating as a journey and not as some hard part of your life that you need to rush out of.

When you are single you will finally have the ability to see things more clearly than when you were in that relationship. It will allow you the space to figure out what your hobbies are, what you like to do alone on a Saturday night, what you want in a partner. It will allow you to realize your strength, your capabilities and how you handle your weaknesses.

Being in an unhealthy relationship makes you turn to another person for your worth, when it was within you the whole time. Being single highlights the strength within yourself that you already had. You should embrace the journey of strength that you are on and continue to remain on until you find the love you deserve.